Sarah Cecil

Singer/songwriter/guitarist from Little Rock, AR

Sarah Cecil is a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Little Rock, Arkansas. She listens to and covers hit songs from several genres including country, pop, pop punk, and classic rock, and her large variety of influences shine through in her own sound. Sarah got her first guitar at the age of 6, but was inspired to begin performing after seeing Taylor Swift in concert in October of 2011. She played an open mic night at a local restaurant a few weeks later. Sarah had a natural stage presence and a passion for music. She played her school talent show and open mics to gain more stage experience. Since then, she has played gigs all over Arkansas and surrounding states and continues to expand her horizons.

In May of 2020, Sarah released her debut single, "Overdramatic," that has since garnered over 200,000 streams across streaming platforms. She released her first EP, "New Blue," in December 2022.

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